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September 5, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

As we near the eve of this year’s New York Fashion Week, excitement spurs.  What will be in?  What is coming back into style?  Well, you’ll be surprised to hear that animal prints are STILL in!  Yes, I know, it’s been at least two years since this animal phenomenon arose from the dead.  But designers and stylists are finding new and improved ways of incorporating these patterns into complete looks, including its use as a pop of pizzazz in a jacket lining.  So what “animal” seems to be bigger than the others?  It’s still the leopard print followed closely by the zebra and cheetah print but not so much the alligator or snake skin patterns unless you're looking at handbags.  Croco embossed leather in handbags still reigns.  For clothing, if I were to choose one, I’d go with the leopard print!  Don't forget, mixing two different animals prints in one outfit is a no-no.  Stick with one as a subtle enhancement to your overall look.

Other patterns to seek out:  Plaid and Argyle!!

And outerwear or not, leather is definitely in for the long haul.  After years of being out-of-style, leather is back for its second season.  It’s expensive, you say?  Problem solved.  So many of the hottest designers have come up with spectacular faux versions that would give any real leather a run for its money!  And leather’s counterpart, suede, is now steering its head into the limelight for the first time this season too.  Raid your closet girls!  You’re bound to find an old leather motorcycle jacket from yesteryears that can put you back in trend immediately.
Now on to fur... In this second season of the fur craze, faux is the way to go. Faux fur is cute if married to the right outfit in the right way.  Cheap, knotted fake stuff is no longer the norm.  Just like leather, fake fur has reached luxe levels, making imitated versions hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Elements that are hot include ruffles, bell-shaped sleeves, cuffed pants, and shorter hemlines.  As far as colors, not much has changed.  Teal, purple, and grey are still in demand.  If I had to pick out newer trendy colors, I would say burgundy and cognac brown are gaining more appeal.

What about trends for the feet?  Well, boots are here to stay, especially those with heels that reach the calf region or higher.  And my ultimate favorite, platform heels!  Gotta love ‘em for every season!  Strappy, slingback or closed heel, I’ll wear platforms any day, any time.  Thank goodness the ballerina flats are retreating to be resurrected at a later time.  (Hopefully I’ll be dead by then.  Just kidding!)   

Is it Fall yet??  The countdown begins.  No one likes the severe lack of daylight that this time of year brings, but at least we have the chance to be creative by adding more layers to our look rather than stripping down to just the bare necessary layers in the 90-degree summer heat.  Fur, leather and suede, here we come!

GlamDoc’s Must-Have Picks for Fall 2011:
  • Leather jacket – above the knee or shorter
  • Fur collar or scarf
  • Above the knee skirts – leather or fabric
  • Suede indoor jacket
  • Suede handbag
  • Suede platform shoes
  • Wedge heels
  • Turtleneck dress
  • Leggings (not jeggings!) and opaque tights
  • Anything plaid (such as a ruana or cape)
  • Argyle patterns (darker tones - not pastel type)
  • Cape - preferably belted

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