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July 25, 2011

Hair Trends for Summer/Fall

After a LONG hiatus, short (well semi-short) hair is back again! The style that celebs and the regular folk alike have been rockin these days is the bob... Actually a version of such with a more modern twist - the layered bob with longer sides - rather than the uniform bob that was so trendy back in the mid-90s. This new layered style can be worn both short and long, and you can strike a pose with either a sleek, straight or curly version.

Although it's a cute cut, I wouldn't be caught dead with it! Why? Well, because no matter what style is in at the moment, you have to take into consideration the shape of your face. Some people look much better with longer hair, as I do! If your face is oval or round, the best way to elongate the face is with longer hair... Think vertical volume rather than horizontal. This holds true with earrings too. Oval hoops look much better than circular hoops when framing an oval or
round face.

If you have a more angular, thinner face, by all means, go for this new trend while it's hot. Your hair WILL grow back and the trend will cycle back into another long-locks era again soon... In the meantime, I'll still be wearing mine long.

July 22, 2011

L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick - 5 Colors: Rich Topaz (822), Intensely Mauve (512), Charismatic Coral (421), Brazen Bronze (834), Tenderberry (519)

Like most of you, I was awed by the Gwen Stefani commercial showing bright red lips that transferred no color with a swipe of her finger. Well, the commercial is fake, but overall, the lipstick is decent. Decent? Yes, and here's what I mean... They have no odor or chemical taste, last a little longer than regular lipsticks and they go on smoothly without drying out one's lips. I don't have to tell you all that dry, flaky lips is a common problem with most extended-wear lipsticks that claim to stay on forever. With the L'Oreal Infallible Lipsticks, you will not need a moisturizing topcoat!

Ok, I know the big question most of you want to know is "how long will it last?!" In short, it totally depends on what you're doing while wearing the lipstick.  Eating? Kissing? It will come right off if you eat anything, easily transferring onto a napkin or glass! Darn! I was so hoping they would last through a night on the town, including dinner... Wishful thinking! So here's the deal... If you don't eat, drink, or kiss and only talk these lipsticks will last about 3 hours at most. If you plan on doing anything other than just talking, treat them like any other regular lipstick!

Now on to details about the five colors I purchased - Rich Topaz (822), Intensely Mauve (512), Charismatic Coral (421), Brazen Bronze (834), and Tenderberry (519):

RICH TOPAZ Description: Warm; highly pigmented; matte; the perfect brownish neutral but darker than nude

INTENSELY MAUVE Description: Cool; highly pigmented; matte; a true dark rosey-mauve color (not too light, not too dark); can complement most skin tones

CHARISMATIC CORAL Description: Cool; highly pigmented; matte; dark coral; perfectly between red and orange; not gaudy; not fluorescent-looking

BRAZEN BRONZE Description: Warm; lightly pigmented; shimmery; sheer; light-brown; neutral

TENDERBERRY Description: Cool; highly pigmented; light to medium mauve (lighter than "Intensely Mauve")

Hope you all find this info helpful. I will be posting more pictures soon... Stay tuned!